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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Best of 2008 Releases: Shelby Lynne --Just a Little Lovin' 180 gram vinyl


No best of 2008 list would be complete without Just a Little Lovin', Shelby Lynne's tribute to Dusty Springfield. I have to admit that before picking up this record, I wasn't a particularly big fan of Dusty Springfield, having only casually heard her more notable recordings on the radio over the years. Having already heard the buzz that this was a good sounding album, the question remained whether it was merely audiophile ear candy, or something worthy of repeated listening.

Despite the familiarity of most of the songs, Lynne's performances stand on their own and allow her to showcase her soulful voice with an intimate, nuanced delivery. Produced by Phil Ramone and recorded by Al Schmitt onto two-inch analog tape, the record boasts stripped-down production and allows the listener to join Lynne and the session musicians in organic arrangements that translate into nothing short of sonic nirvana. From the opening title track, there is an uncanny realism that demands the use of audiophile cliches--Lynne's voice is so in the room with you, the cymbals so realistic, that the listener melts into the recording and forgets that a record is playing.

The packaging of this vinyl release, like the production, is bare-bones. A single outer sleeve with a plain white paper inner houses the Lost Highway 180 gram vinyl. The initial production run was marred by noisy vinyl and subsequently repressed. The repressing, which is what I have reviewed, while not dead silent, is of average quality for a non-audiophile pressing and given the incredible sonics, is nothing short of a bargain at thirteen dollars.

While the material on this release may not be everyone's cup of tea, the demo quality sonics and intimate performance make it a must-have for almost any audiophile. Recommended.


Anonymous said...

Discovered this blog thru Steve Hoffman's forum. Thanks for the great reviews. Very useful for overseas vinyl buyers like me who have to make orders to get the LPs. Please keep on.

my vinyl review said...

Glad you're enjoying it. Remember, you can request the review of any title not included in the poll by commenting in the thread above this one.

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