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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Myvinylreview: Coming Soon in 2011 -- Vinyl From The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Bob Dylan, The Len Price 3, Robert Plant

2010 is now coming to a close, and no matter what holiday you celebrate, chances are you're either taking some time off from work, or at least following the slower pace so many can thankfully enjoy during this final week of the year. And hopefully, you're also enjoying some great music as well.

2011 brings the start of the third year for Myvinylreview--and with your increased support, you can expect to see even more of what you've come to expect--honest, unbiased reviews of new and reissue vinyl, along with the occasional live show review, music related art and photography feature, and a few other surprises along the way. And with a newly added Myvinylreview community on Facebook, I hope to explore some new ways to add value to your experience. But most importantly, you can continue to count on Myvinylreview for frank advice, to help you decide whether to part with your hard-earned cash for that latest and greatest reissue of your favorite album--or to simply pass. Here's some of what's coming up:

Van Halen II

Women & Children First


Warner/Rhino has just released 180 gram vinyl versions of Van Halen II, Women and Children First, and 1984. Each of the titles was mastered from the original analog tapes by Chris Bellman, of Bernie Grundman Mastering. A few years ago, Rhino released a much-improved vinyl remastering of Van Halen's self-titled debut, which turned out to be from the same stampers as the Steve Hoffman-mastered DCC vinyl, originally released many years earlier. Given Bellman's excellent mastering work on vinyl titles from artists such as Neil Young, The Who and Mudcrutch, and the only average sound of the original vinyl, I have high hopes for these remasterings. To read the full reviews, Click Here.

The Original Mono Recordings (Vinyl) (Amazon.com Exclusive Bonus Edition)

As I already noted last week, I've spent some time with the cd version of The Original Mono Recordings and find the sound to be excellent. This week, I'll be delving into the vinyl box and comparing both original two-eyed monos as well as Sundazed monos. Click here for a the full review.

The Rolling Stones have just released two vinyl boxes, covering the span of their recording career from 1964 to 2005. The first box, which covers 1964-1969, was sourced from hi-resolution DSD files and pressed at the GZ Facility in the Czech Republic.  I do not plan to review the 1971-2005 box, which was reportedly sourced from lower-resolution digital files and mastered by Stephen Marcussen, who also mastered the disappointing and over-compressed 2010 vinyl remaster of Exile On Main St. Click here for a full report on the 1964-1969 vinyl box.

Pictures [Vinyl]

I've discovered a British band, The Len Price 3, through the Little Steven's Underground Garage radio program, on Sirius Satellite Radio. The trio's 2010 album, Pictures, features thirteen two to three-minute songs, in the tradition of early works by The Who and The Kinks, including the Beatlesque single, Mr. Grey. Look for an upcoming review of the vinyl/MP3 combo.

Band Of Joy

2010 saw the release of Robert Plant's latest effort, Band of Joy. And while the reviews have been mostly favorable, audiophiles haven't been entirely pleased with the sonics. While a vinyl version has been available for a short time in Europe, the U.S. vinyl has been delayed and fans have been left wondering how it will sound? Click here for the full review.


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