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Monday, July 26, 2010

Beck: Sea Change -- Mofi 180 Gram Vinyl

Sea Change [Vinyl]

Although I've had the SACD of Sea Change for years, and listened to it a few times, it never hit me the way this vinyl pressing from Mofi has. The first thing I discovered listening to it, was that this isn't an album that can be listened to on your car stereo as you blast down the freeway. Sea Change begs to be listened to at night, in your listening chair--either alone or perhaps with one other person.

Sea Change  is a dark, even somber album. But, it isn't mere audiophile background music. The strings, guitar, piano, and vocals wash over you.  Beck employs a vocal style that many will find a bit too monotone. But,  given the wealth of subtlety and texture to the compositions,  Beck's  voice often acts more like an individual instrument--rather  than the center of the song--and that monotone  delivery can't help but  further convey a sense of melancholy throughout.

Influences such as Elton John, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and the Beatles can be heard throughout this record. And the sonics are simply breathtaking. This Mofi vinyl mastering from Rob Loverde throws out an expansive soundstage that is both wide and extends far behind the speakers.  Every bass string plucked, guitar strummed, or piano key hit, is reproduced with such realism that they seem to occupy their own space in the listening room.

(Beck, with The Flaming Lips)
Mofi continues to cement their repuation for very high quality control. The two discs of 180 gram vinyl arrived flat, clean, and played quietly throughout. The gatefold cover is made of heavy cardstock and contains the album's original artwork, complete with song lyrics. And while I can't guarantee  that you'll like Beck, this is a reference audiophile  record, the likes of Steely Dan's Aja, that begs to be noticed--and along with titles like Neil Young's Live At Massey Hall, I believe it will continue to be reference vinyl material for years to come.

Highly Recommended


Michael said...

Sounds wonderful. Sea Change is easily my favorite Beck album and also one of my favorite albums overall, so I've logged a lot of time with it. I would love to hear the mofi version, and now I feel like I can grab it with confidence.

Nice review, and nice blog!

Theron said...

This is definitely reference material. One of my favorite Beck albums. Beautiful sonics with brillant songwriting....

James Unger said...

would yo ube willing to part woth your SACD copy ?

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