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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coming Soon: John Coltrane--Giant Steps 45 RPM 180 gram vinyl

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I just finished listening to one of the finest jazz reissues ever, the 45 RPM version of the 1959 Miles Davis masterpiece, Kind of Blue from Classic Records. Long out of print, and mastered by Bernie Grundman and cut at 45 RPM, this reissue of the landmark album brings a highly-detailed, yet never analytical sound with a wide, deep soundstage, quick transients, and cymbals that sound so realistic that Jimmy Cobb takes up residence in your living room.

Bernie Grundman will again be mastering and cutting another jazz masterpiece at 45 RPMs. John Coltrane's 1960 release, Giant Steps, will be released by Rhino Records on April 7. There has been a recent onslaught of 45 RPM premium vinyl jazz reissues, and keeping up with all of them could require a second job for almost any audiophile or jazz vinyl collector.

Music Matters, Analogue Productions, The Original Recordings Group, Classic Records, and now Rhino Records all have 45 RPM premium jazz reissue programs. Add in the multitude of 33 RPM reissues already on the market and the vinyl collector has more choices than ever to wade through in making the decision of how to spend his hard earned dollar.

Will the first ever 45 RPM pressing of Giant Steps be out of the same mold as the Kind of Blue 45? That is yet to be seen. Would you like My Vinyl Review to begin reviewing jazz vinyl reissues? Vote in the poll located to the left to have your opinion heard.


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