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Sunday, March 1, 2009

U2 Performs Surprise BBC Rooftop Concert in anticipation of new album release, No Line on the Horizon

In anticipation of their forthcoming album, No Line on the Horizon, U2 performed a surprise rooftop concert Friday night, atop the BBC Broadcasting House in London, England. Enjoy this brilliant performance of Magnificent, a song which many critics and fans alike believe should have been released as the first single. U2 will officially release the new record on Tuesday, March 3, 2009.


Peter said...

I can't believe how out of the loop I am. I didn't even know that U2 was coming out with an album! thanks for posting the song. I'm a moderate U2 fan, while I have enjoyed every album they have made. Yes, all of them. But they really have become such a huge production that it's hard to see them as musicians instead of entertainers. This carries a lot of expectations in my head. When I go to see a band I enjoy, if there are special effects (even smoke, lol) I'm thrilled. But U2 has become such a big production that I can't separate the music from the video wall show. Not sure if this has been an issue for you or anyone in your audience, but I'd be curious to hear. Most of my friends are lame and have always seen them as an entertainment group, and therefore have no issues.

I refuse to jump into the abyss.

Thanks for the post man!

Dale Nixon said...

Jeez, wonder where they got the idea of playing on a rooftop prior to album release...is there any originality left in music?

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