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Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming Soon: Neil Young- Sugar Mountain Canterbury House 200 gm vinyl, Marvin Gaye MFSL 180 gm, John Coltrane- Village Vanguard 45 RPM 180 gm vinyl

Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968 [Vinyl]

There has never been a better time than now to be into vinyl. Nearly every top new release, as well as dozens of rock, pop, and jazz reissues are coming out every week.

As great as this vinyl renaissance is, not everthing that comes out is worth parting with your hard-earned dollar. I will continue to seek out the best titles, with the best masterings, and attempt to let you know when a release doesn't live up to the hype.

In the next few weeks, I'll be reviewing what I hope to be some very exciting titles. I've been busy listening to every available Lp and Cd mastering that I can get my hands on in the hope that I can help inform your decisions.

The third installment of Neil Young's Live Performance Series, the 1968 Sugar Mountain--Live at Canterbury House concert is being released as 2 LP set on 200 gram vinyl. This promises to be a deluxe package on super-premium Japanese vinyl. The 1971 Massey Hall concert was one of last year's finest vinyl releases. Let's hope that the Sugar Mountain vinyl is in the same league. Look for a review very soon.

The Original Recordings Group (ORG) has just released the first two of their 45 RPM jazz releases on 180 gram vinyl. Watch for a review of one of my favorite live jazz sessions, John Coltrane's Live at the Village Vanguard. These sets from ORG, mastered by Bernie Grundman, also promise super-premium vinyl pressed at Pallas in Germany as well as ultra-deluxe gatefold packaging.

What's Going on [Vinyl]

Finally, MFSL has recently released both of Marvin Gaye's absolute classics on 180 gram vinyl: What's Going on and Let's Get it on. MFSL has had a very fine run of late, including two fine reissues of classic Frank Sinatra and last year's excellent reissue of Rush's Permanent Waves. Let's hope these two from Marvin Gaye are as good.

Let's Get It on [Vinyl]

While I strive to choose titles I believe will interest the most people, there is obviously no way I can know for sure which titles you want reviewed. If you'd like a title reviewed and you don't see it here, please leave your request in one of the comments sections. If there is demand for a particular title, I'll be sure and review it.


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